Photovoltaic Panel SUNTECH 275W Poly (STP275-20/Wfw)

Photovoltaic Panel SUNTECH 275W Poly (STP275-20/Wfw)

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    Power 275 W
    Maximum Power Point Voltage (Vmpp) 31,10 V
    Maximum Power Point Drift(Impp) 8,69 A
    Open circuit voltage (Voc)
37,90 V
    Closed-circuit current (Isc) 9,15 A
    Cell Number 60
    Cell Type Polycrystalline
    Dimensions 1640x992x35 (length x width x height)
    Net Weight 18,2 kg


Suntech is the largest manufacturer of solar modules in the world. Its innovative cell technology and 52-stage quality control process ensures maximum quality in the production chain. The company’s exceptional customer focus enables Suntech to create added value with its positive output warranty, plus tolerances of 0-5% and optimized module performance.