Solaronline.gr is an online shop selling products and services online Our offices are in Ghana & Ghana building A10 570 01 Thermi-Thessaloniki with solaronline@ylicontrading.com e-mail and +30 2310 280 220.

The following terms and conditions will apply to the use of the SOLARONLINE brand online store at www.solaronline.gr

The use of our site implies the unconditional acceptance of the following terms, without exception, which you should read carefully. If a user does not agree with these terms, then they must refrain from using the online store and any transaction with it, otherwise it is deemed to have accepted all of its terms and conditions.


Website visitors agree that:

  • will use their real-life personal and tax information in the forms of communication.
  • will use the site in accordance with the law and good practices and will not take any actions or omissions that may harm it but any other user and / or networks linked to https: //www.solaronline.gr.

The Company reserves the right to freely modify or revise the terms and conditions of solaronline.gr online store transactions, at any time it deems necessary, and undertakes to inform consumers of any changes, through the web pages of this online store. And the user should periodically review the terms and conditions of use, as the use of the Website after any modification implies that he accepts these changes.


The copyrights of the content (including texts, graphics, images, photographs and software) and the services of the site that have been or will be posted online are protected by Greek, EU and international copyright laws and are solely owned by solaronline.gr . Any copying, reproduction and reproduction of the material without the express written permission of the Company is strictly prohibited and is only available to visitors of the site for personal use (non-profit or commercial use).

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The Company declares that the content, products and services are provided through the sitehttps: //www.solaronline.gr, in the context of its transactions through the online store and is not responsible for any further damage that may result from the execution or non-execution of the orders. or by delay in execution, for any reason. The online store solaronline.gr can not guarantee the availability of the products, but undertakes to inform customers in a timely manner about the days of availability or unavailability. Solaronline.gr makes every effort to provide high quality services, but does not guarantee that there will be no interruptions, errors or damages to the contents of the site and bears no responsibility for any damage or for any legal, civil or criminal claims. by users of the site. Visitors agree to use it at their own risk.


In order to place any order from the online store “solaronline.gr”, the customer is asked for his full name, product shipment address, telephone number (or any other phone he wants) and his email address.

These data are processed by our company in accordance with the application of article 7A par. 1 (b) L. 2472/1997, for the purpose of fulfilling the customer’s order, and will in no way be disclosed, made public or sold to third parties, except if the procedure stipulated by the law on the removal of confidentiality (Law 2225/1994) or any obligations arising from the national implementation of Directive 24/2006 / EC are initiated.

Questions, requests submitted and e-mail generally considered confidential.

The information provided to us is used only for sending an electronic response and is only transmitted to the intended recipient. Also, if we are required by law or if we find that the content of our messages is harmful, they will also be forwarded to the Competent Authorities in order to:

  • we are protected against unauthorized, non-legal and generally misuse of the site.
  • protect the safety and property of users and consumers.
  • protect our legal rights and our assets.

Solaronline.gr reserves the right to add and modify the content or services of the site, as well as the terms of use, whenever it deems necessary and without prior notice, with the sole notice through the site.


Any reference or link to another site is provided for the convenience of our users, we are not responsible for the contents, products and services provided on those sites or any link contained in a linked website, or any changes or updates to such websites.


USERNAME and PASSWORD are personal and do not pass it on to others for your own safety.

Enter an active e-mail in the E-MAIL field as we will inform you of the status of your order.

After registration or if you are already registered you fill in your username and password and transfer to the page that confirms your purchase and shipping details. There you will also see the shipping cost of the products to the address you provided, which varies depending on the shipping method you selected.

In case of invoice issuance please fill in the comments field the necessary information for issuing invoice (name, VAT, DU, profession, home address, telephone).

According to this information you select the text “Payment” and either you choose how to deposit to a bank account and complete the process within solaronline.gr.

For any questions please contact us at solaronline@ylicontrading.com

The selection of products is at your own risk and you have no right to transfer responsibility to us.

The details of each product are those provided by the manufacturer and any errors made by them are not our responsibility.

The technical information we may have provided does not make us responsible for the results of their implementation.

Buying products from us means you have the necessary knowledge to use them or you will have their specialist installed.

You assume full responsibility for the installation, operation, maintenance and compliance of safety rules for the products you purchase.

The site is constantly updated without any notice to anyone, please be aware of it before placing your order.

On-demand products and on cut-offs per m2 or per meter, it is mandatory for the payment method to be deposited into our bank account.

Product photos do not fully represent the reality of coloring, as the screen resolution of each PC varies. Our company still tries to be closer to it. Thanks for understanding.


Product availability refers to business days which may change from time to time without notice. In any case, please feel free to contact us for any queries through solaronline@ylicontrading.com or via the solaronline contact form

Product prices include VAT.


As long as it is posted on our site and provided that the payment is made in cash (without installments).


There are 2 ways to receive:

  1. Send via courier ACS / ELTA COURIER.
  2. Shipping via shipping companies (credit card payments, bank deposit or paypal only)


The products will be delivered to courier or shipping companies on the same day if they are ordered by 13:00, provided they are readily available from our business, or at the latest the next business day. For other products, availability is available on weekdays. The products are always transported under the responsibility of the customer * and are carried out with the partner courier company or with a TRANSPORT COMPANY depending on the client’s area. In any case, they are performed at the expense of the consumer.

The goods travel on behalf of the buyer and at the risk of the buyer and remain in our possession until final payment.


The company is responsible for the time of delivery of the goods to the courier or shipping company, which we will inform you by e-mail, but not the time of final delivery by the consumer, which is the sole responsibility of last.

If you are staying in an inaccessible area, your order will reach the nearest station and you will have to pick it up from there.


The costs of transport within Greece are as follows:

From 0-7 kg there is only the choice of courierACS / ELTA COURIER.

From 8-20 kg there are options of courier ΄ACS / ELTA COURIER΄ and shipping company.

From 0-20 kg shipping costs are free.

From 21-500 kg there is only the choice of the shipping company for the most economical shipment of the order.

With a shipping company from, from 61-200 kg is 25.00 euro, from 201-350 is 35.00 euro and from 351-500 kg is 40.00 euro.

The above charges apply for 1 parcel. If your order needs to be placed in more parcels then the above amounts will be multiplied by the number of parcels.

NOTE: With courierACS / ELTA COURIER you can book a SATURDAY delivery day for an extra charge of EUR 3.00 provided you inform us promptly by commenting on it.

All the above prices do not include VAT.

Shipping costs outside Greece are as follows:

Orders can be shipped by courierACS / ELTA COURIER (bank deposit or credit card only) to:


For any order cancellation (full or partial) you should email solaronline@ylicontrading.com or call 2310 280 220 to speak to a solaronline.gr representative. This feature is provided before we can notify you of the delivery of your order to the carrier by email. After sending the email for delivery of your order to the carrier, it cannot be canceled.

Order can not be canceled on products that came to our business upon customer’s order and on products that have already been cut as per customer’s order (these are products sold per m2 or current meter).


You have the right to return the products you purchased within 14 calendar days of the date you received them.

We do not return products that came to our business upon customer’s order and products that are sold per m2 and per meter.

Returns are accepted provided that:

* You have emailed us at solaronline@ylicontrading.com the same day or the next business day.

* The products are in the same condition as you received them, meaning that they have not been unsealed or tampered with.

* Products are accompanied by retail receipt or invoice.


If the reason for the return of the product is due to SOLARONLINE’s fault (eg error in product code etc.), the shipping costs for the return of the product are borne by SOLARONLINE as well as the shipping costs of the second shipment of the product.

In the event that the reason for the return of the product is due to the fault of the consumer, the shipping costs shall be borne by the consumer.

When shipping our products for repair or inspection, shipping costs are always borne by the customer to and from our company.

There is no way to refund products, instead you can get another equally available product from the online store.

If the new product you choose is less than what you had previously purchased, the remaining amount is credited to your account for future purchase.

If the new product you choose is more valuable than the one you bought, then you pay the difference.


In case of return of a product to our company for inspection / repair the following conditions apply:

For products under warranty

There is no charge if the product is under warranty.

Excludes cases where the product was found to be inoperative after the test and the test for diagnosis was not on-site / fast but time-consuming, or a specialist / technical external consultant was required. In these cases there is a charge of 10 € -30 € plus VAT and customer information.

For non-warranty products

There is a minimum charge of 10 € -30 € plus VAT depending on the product. This amount is deducted from the total final cost of repairing the product if it is repairable.

In some cases where the check is spot / fast and the problem can be diagnosed, there is no charge.


  1. All transactions made through www.solaronline.gr are governed by International and European Law, which regulates matters related to e-commerce as well as the Consumer Protection Act (Law 2225/1994), which regulates matters relating to e-commerce. with the sale.Our order placement through the e-shop is the conclusion of a distance selling contract regulated by the legal framework above law, as amended.
    All those who are legally competent in accordance with the requirements of the Greek Civil Code have the right to conclude a valid sale contract through the e-shop, ie have reached the age of eighteen years and are not subject to legal support in the conclusion of a sale contract. Orders can also be made by representatives of legal entities, while the company reserves the right to demand from the supervisor or guardian any orders placed by incompetent persons.
  1. The company informs you that, for the best and most complete service through the services we offer you on our portal, we process your personal data in accordance with Law No. 2372/1997 and its related modifications and based on the following: only the elements necessary for the smooth completion of the market. More specifically, the essentials for each transaction are: your name, a phone number, a home address (street, city, postal code), order shipment address and document type (receipt, invoice). At the same time, we voluntarily ask for information such as: cell phone number (in case we need to contact you directly), fax number and occupation. Documentary data: In the case of an invoice we need the name of the company, the taxpayer, his / her tax office, occupation, address of the head office and contact telephone. Otherwise every visitor can browse our online store without giving any personal information. We will only need your personal information (your e-mail and password) when ordering products or directories. In summary, we only ask for as much information as we need to achieve our goal, namely the consistent delivery of the products you ordered, the secure payment of your order and your genuine service so that you are satisfied to choose us again for your purchases.
  1. We use the data you have entrusted to us to provide you with a meaningful service:
    • To deliver your order online at your place.
    • In order for you to confirm your orders.
    • So we can answer your potential questions and inquiries.
    • To send you special offers and updates.
  1. Under no circumstances do we transfer your personal information to third parties (Article 11n. 2472/1997) We do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties. These items are used exclusively by us to continuously improve your service. An exception to this commitment is the case where such information is requested by a judicial decision from the competent authorities of the State.
  1. By ‘MEMBER login’ on the smart-cover.gr homepage, you can access any information you have entrusted with the information you provided as EMAIL and PASSWORD, and make changes. By contacting us at info@smart-cover.gr you can request their deletion and generally any objections to the processing of your data.
  1. In order to ensure the protection of your personal data, the company uses the most advanced and reliable technology for secure online transactions worldwide. Also, personal security is for you and the password you give when you become a member of smart-cover.gr. In order to present any of your personal information we will first need to give us your username and password. For this reason, you should keep this information well in order not to fall into the hands of third parties.


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