Photovoltaic Panel Axitec 300W

Photovoltaic Panel Axitec 300W

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    Power 300 W
    Maximum Power Point Voltage (Vmpp) 32,16 V
    Maximum Power Point Drift(Impp) 9,34 A
    Open circuit voltage (Voc)
40,08 V
    Closed circuit current (Isc) 9,82 A
    Cell Number 60
    Cell Type Monocrystalline
    Dimensions 1640x992x40 (length x width x height)
    Net Weight 18 kg


AXITEC has been offering solar modules and power storage units for years. From its headquarters in Böblingen (Germany), the engineering department controls the worldwide production capacities of over 800 MWp. The aim is to offer the “perfect” product in terms of price, quality and efficiency.

AXITEC 300M 156-60S