335W SUNPOWER  Black+SMA +  Roof mounts

with Power 3.85kwp and 5.800 kWh production annually

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  • Necessary 28 m²
  • 14 Panel 335W SUNPOWER  Black
  • 1 Solar converter SMA 4000 TL
  • Mounts for 28 m²
  • 1 Cable Solar Connection set (TypMC4)
  • 2x25m 1x4mm² black
  • 2 x MC4





SunPower has been developing the world’s leading solar technology since the 1970s. From the beginning, our involvement in the industry was characterized by creativity, quality and reliability.We are one of the leading companies in the field of solar energy for over three decades. Since 1985 SunPower has been one of the leading companies in the field of solar innovation worldwide. With the most efficient Solar Units 1 available, SunPower Solar Units consistently generate more energy and provide long-term security for homeowners and businesses.

The SUN POPWER Headquarters has been in Silicon Valley since 1985.

Total solar energy produced> 35,000,000 MWh.

A diversified, global range of products for homeowners, businesses and energy providers.

Highly Efficient and Commercially Available Solar Units with SunPower® Maxeon® Solar Technology *

More than 1000 patents on solar technology worldwide


For over 35 years, SMA has been setting technological trends and driving the development of renewable energies. With our groundbreaking inverter technology, we have made significant contributions in seeing that renewable energies leave the pioneer phase behind and increasingly become the norm worldwide.To exploit their full potential, we will need to connect photovoltaics with storage, e-mobility and other sectors and integrate them into the entire system. Here, SMA has a key role to play. Our vast experience and comprehensive expertise make us a sought-after partner for leading companies from other areas. Today, SMA is developing sophisticated system solutions perfectly tailored to the needs of the “electricity prosumers” of tomorrow.


SUNPOWER 335 Black

SMA 4000 TL

CrossRail Family

Weight 10 kg